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You can go to these Pro-Trump, Pro-American, Pro-Life Candidates websites to learn more about each one:

  1. Corey Stewart for Senate – Virginia                 Vote  June 12th                                     http://www.coreystewart.com
  2. Dr. Kelli Ward for Senate –  Arizona                Vote  June 12th                                     http://www.kelliward.com
  3. Michael Snyder for Congress –  Idaho              Vote  May 15th           http://www.michaelsnyderforcongress.com
  4. Cynthia Dunbar for Congress  –  Virginia   Convention May 19th http://www.dunbarforcongress.com
  5. Mary Jones for Congress  – Virginia                Vote June 12th                                      http://www.maryjonesva.com
  6. Matt McCall for Congress – Texas                    Vote May 24th                                   http://www.votemattmccall.com
  7. Shak Hill for Congress –  Virginia                    Vote June 12th                                             http://www.shakhill.com
  8. Nicolas Kimaz for Congress – Florida              Vote  August 28th                           http://www.kimazforcongress.com
  9. Mark Callahan  for Congress   –  Idaho            Vote May 15th                 http://www.callahanfororegon.com
  10. Omar Navarro for Congress  – California        Vote June 12th                        http://www.omarnavarro.com
  11. Ted Cruz for Senate  –  Texas                              Vote in November                                          http://www.tedcruz.org
  12. Israel Farless for Congress  – Tennessee           Vote August 12th    https://www.facebook.com/IsraelDistrict24/

This is the 4C Dream Team(Courageous Christian Constitutional Conservatives) that could use your help, and it can’t come soon enough… The Hour is Now: